Introduction of our committees and groups

Main activities and results of the committees and groups: Introduction of main activities

As our basic policy and motto JBMIA conducts agile business activities to contribute to the solutions of common key issues for the industries such as promotion of the digitalization and networking, dealing with the global environmental issues, and preparation for changes in users' needs.

Introduction of our activities

Environment/recovery & recycling

The environment related various activities such as trend research/handling of regulations in and outside Japan (recovery & recycling and contained chemical materials) and the environmental labels (eco marks, blue angels, etc.) concerning the products under the control of this association have been carried out.

Main manufactures for copy machines & MFD and digital duplicator play a central role in building the system to collect used trade-in machines of other companies in sales activities and to bring them to the collected machines exchange center and then to return them to the respective manufacturers.

The reuse/recycling by members has been promoted through these activities and the joint logistics of collection of used machines contributes to the reduction of CO2 emission during the transportation.


In addition to the standardization activities conducted by each committee/group, the standardization activities to improve the business machine accessibility and user interface and the standardization activities related to the color management have been promoted. The JBMS (the association standards) and the JBMIA-TR (the association technical report) which are the results of such activities are published on our website thereby the promotion and dissemination of the association standards have been carried out.

Further, JBMIA as a domestic review body for international standards of ISO and IEC actively conducts activities such as participations in international meetings and proposals of the international standards generated in Japan. Furthermore, we conduct activities to apply set/revised international standards to JIS thereby the promotion and dissemination of such standards have been carried out.


In the rapidly changing international environment, as to the global themes in relation to the WTO and APEC, JBMIA promotes to solve various issues aiming at improvement of the advantage and quality of the industries through the researches and analyses of issues concerning the business operations. For example, JBMIA has been working on for a long time taking the case of the MFD tax to the WTO.

BMLinkS project

JBMIA is coping with the development and use environment of the interface specifications the "BMLinkS" which are able to dramatically improve the connectivity and data compatibility among business machines on the network.

In 2006, we have realized the documents distribution infrastructure which is easily able to use scan/storage/print function among business machines of multi-vendors through preparing various industries' standards and publishing common software including the "comprehensive printer driver".

Furthermore, we promote activities step by step with the purpose of improving convenience of users and IT manager, etc., by publishing the industries' standards for the office devices in 2008 and by publishing the industries' standards for the information markings in 2010.


Policy planning committees

Planning Committee

It deliberates issues related to main activities of this association and examines proposals to the board of directors.

Public Relation Committee

It carries out transmission of information related to the activities of this association, and studies and carries out dissemination of the public relation.

Statistics Committee

It examines and carries out surveys and statistic of the products under the control of this association.

Committees by issue

International Trade Committee

As to global issues it works with the Japanese government based on the activities concerned through the investigation, analysis and industries' consensus opinion concerning activities related to trade issues and the industries' measures against rapid development of emerging markets.

Technology Committee

It tries to solve technical problems by conducting trends research and reviewing its measures concerning the product safety, EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), communication, human exposure to electromagnetic ray, new technology trends, usability, and packing related regulations trends.

Standardization Center

It carries out the standardization to meet the color and network era, the improvement of users' interface convenience, the improvement of accessibility to business machines giving consideration to the elder persons and persons with disabilities, promotion of standardization activities of the association, and the preparation of the JIS drafts.

Environment Committee

It copes with solution of the environmental issues by conducting comprehensive investigations and researches into social trends in business machines and information system industries in and outside Japan and the environmental issues toward the global environment sustainability and improvement.

Intellectual Property Committee

It studies industrial rights, legal/copy rights, and measures against counterfeit goods, and carries out consensus building in the industries, and carries out activities to improve various institutions and makes proposals in cooperation with patent office in and outside Japan.

BMLinkS Project Committee

It works on the standardization for connectivity among business machines on the network.

Reverse Logistic Committee

It promotes the system to collect used business machines. It operates the system for exchanging/recycling efficiently other manufacturers’ copying machines, MFD and other products collected from users as trade-ins.

Logistics Committee

This committee drives joint distribution to customers. It contributes to the risk of "unstable distribution", the improvement of working environment of logistics industry (white logistics) and the reduction of CO2 through the efficient joint distribution along with eliminating the number of trucks to use.

Plastic-Material-Recycle Committee

Investigation for establishment on plastic-recycling, and monitoring the policy for recycling plastic in each country.

Service and Support Committee

It conducts examinations of service/support activities, skill-up plans for the customer engineers (CE), improvement of the service/support level to provide.

Cybersecurity Committee

In alliance with overseas/domestic govermental body, industrial group, and/or cybersecurity related groups, our committee analyzes and studies cybersecurity policy, regulation, rules, orders and/or requirements, takes part in standarization process,and/or works for cybersecurity incident issues within or relating to the area of office equipment.

Japanese committees for ISO/IEC

Japanese Committee for ISO Information Technology

It prepares and proposes ISO international standards, and deliberates the international standards. (Handling fields: Business machines, card and individual identification, and users' interface related to information devices.)

No. 108 Committee

It provides the international standards (IEC) with proposals related to the safety of IT devices, audio/video products and related electronic device parts and coordinates the consistency of technical standards for electrical appliances.


Groups for each product

Printer & MFD Group

It promotes energy saving and 3 Rs (recycling, reusing, reducing), standardizes the terms/specification forms, examines comprehensible indications for users, grasps/reviews/handles properly problems related to the distribution.

Digital Duplicator Group

It promotes standardization and 3 Rs, disseminates the products, and grasps the market trends.

Large Format Inkjet Printer Group

Safety concerning the use environment in the large format inkjet printer field, examination of standardization of the method to describe the basic specification in the catalog, etc.

Business Inkjet Printer Group

In the field of inkjet printers for business use, standardization of methods for describing basic specifications in catalogs, examine of standardization of measurement methods for published data related to TCO, etc.

Commercial Digital Printing Group

It standardizes the terminology and indications for users, promotes the enhancement/enlargement of the digital printing workflow.

Data Projector Group

It standardizes the performance indicators, measurement methods/conditions and terms, promotes the standardization, promotes dissemination of PJLink, handles safety standards for new light sources.

Shredder Group

It conducts investigations and researches into the safety, standards, regulations, environment, and recycling.

Document Management System Group

It carries out the development of document management system (DMS) and promotes its diffusion so as to satisfy both "securing corporate transparency" and "strengthening of managerial power" through the document information.

POS System Machine Group

It understands the market trend of ECR/POS system in and outside Japan, and conducts investigations and researches into the next generation of POS system.

Mobile System Group

It provides proposals for the mobile networks and devices applications, conducts investigation and analysis of the market and technology trends concerning mobile related devices such as the calculator and electronic dictionary, and carries out the standardization and self generated statistics.

Electronic Paper Consortium

It conducts researches into the market and technology trends in and outside Japan, carries out researches into the diffusion scene and users’ needs and conducts researches into the standardization so as to realize the global diffusion of the electronic paper as the third media.