About Japan Business Machine and Information System Industries Association ( JBMIA )

Japan Business Machine and Information System Industries Association ( JBMIA ) is the industry organization which aims to contribute the development of the Japanese economy and the improvement of the office environment through the comprehensive development of the Japanese business machine and information system industries and rationalization thereof.

The advancement of information technology has brought about sophistication of the age of digitalization and networking and resulted in significant changes in the office environment accordingly. In response to the shift of business emphasis from the hardware to total business solutions including products, JBMIA carries out active committee/group activities regarding important issues that the industries are confronting in and outside Japan by conducting investigations and researches regarding the policy proposals, international cooperation, prevention of warming, environment preservation, standardization, product safety, etc., by deepening the association with the sales and software-related companies, as well as the manufacturers.

Management philosophy of JBMIA

Through continuous innovation of business machines and information systems,
we suggest a new work style and make a global society with the vitality.


We will contribute toward creating a sustainable society
in which everyone is able to work creatively


Contribute toward resolving social issues
We will work together with our member companies to stay abreast of changes in our surrounding social environment, including social trends and economic trends as well as changes in people's lifestyles and mindsets, and look one step ahead to clarify the issues that need to be addressed as we conduct our business activities to resolve those issues.
Propose policies and support social implementation
We will work with the international community, as well as with governments, municipalities, and related organizations to propose policies, and also provide support toward the actualization and social implementation of those policies.
Analyze the market & industrial structure and establish standards & rules
We will examine the actual market situation, regulations, industrial structure, etc. related to our association and industry, and also conduct research and perform statistical studies to improve our understanding in those areas. In addition, we will examine and propose the establishment of legislation, standardization, normalization, and unified standards to achieve a safe and secure society, as well as promote and conduct public relations activities pertaining to our studies and proposals.
Pursue the provision of customer value and provide support to promote business
We will continue to pursue customer value that meets the needs of the times. We will also work together with participating companies to realize such value by helping to achieve a balance between the industry's development and the creation of value for customers.